What day is it?

Hi All!

I am so sorry that I forgot to post yesterday. I honest-to-God forgot what day it was yesterday. I was quite aware it was Tuesday all day at work and when I got home my brain was like “Nope, sorry I’m off the job”. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized that I had forgotten.

This week has been so stressful so far (which is probably why I became so absent-minded). One of my coworkers (mind you there are only 5 people who work at my uncle’s shop, only 3 that work just about every day) had a family emergency on Monday morning and my boss was out of the office Monday and Tuesday. So there I was, the only person in the shop, and the employee with the least knowledge about computers on our busiest days of the week. It was basically a nightmare. But I got through it! YAY!

Unfortunately, all the stress made me so tired that I haven’t done much of anything outside of work. I have been organizing a little bit but the couch has just been so comfy and welcoming that its been hard to leave it. I did get my new 6-cube organizer that I bought on sale from Target for 20.00 all set up and started to fill it. Here are two pictures of the progress I made (or lack there of).



Obviously, my room will not be organized by Friday. In fact, on Friday, I am going to be going on a small trip with my boyfriend. I am going to learn to snowboard. I really hope I like it considering I hated skiing but I think that was mostly because I didn’t really know how and my friends convinced me to leave the lesson (I was young and naive and easily caved under peer pressure). That being said I will probably not have time/the strength to write a post when we get back. I will try to write something on Saturday (maybe I’ll even have a-little-crocheted something to show from the ride).

Thanks for reading!