To stop being a tornado…

Hi All!

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsI hope your year has started off great. I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to accomplish this year and I think I’ve made the perfect (and hopefully do-able) list. Its made up of a mixture of personal goals and goals for my blog but I really wanted to share it with you. After all I do need witnesses otherwise I would have no one to answer to and they would all fall to the wayside.

1. To Stop being a tornado

Those that know me well, know that I am the least organized person. My father and mother often joke that I’m a tornado tearing apart everything in my path throughout the day. I guess its more acceptable when you are a child, not so much when you are 22 and living at home after having been away at school for 4 years.  My bedroom is always a disaster area, especially my desk. My mom, who is always very neat, hates it and is constantly getting on my case about it. In order to maintain a more peaceful relationship with her, I want to straighten up my room every other day, and I want to organize my yarn and crocheting stuff better. I want to stop being a tornado.

2. Be healthier

This does not mean that I want to go on a fad diet and lose weight. I just want to try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I want to check out the new Retro Fitness nearby and join it or another gym nearby. Go to the gym Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (unless my schedule changes due to #4). Cook more for myself and eat out less (no more than once a week). Don’t eat in front of the TV every meal/snack (Only one meal or snack a day). Drink less soda!!! Since I came home from college, my soda intake has gone up exponentially. I never used to drink soda at school because I didn’t want to pay for it and water was free. At home, my mom always keeps soda in the fridge for my dad and any guests that stop by (we stock up on a lot of soda for the holidays) so its way to easily accessible. I will from now on only drink a maximum of 1 soda a day.

3. Open an Etsy shop

In my About Me, I said that my goal is to make an Etsy shop and for whatever reason I haven’t actually done anything toward it besides brainstorming designs to publish on it. This year, I want to open it preferably by the end of this summer. I realize that it’s a big undertaking but I am determined to get my work out there. Because of this, there may not be a lot of free patterns coming out on the blog, at least not designed by me. I will probably take this time to design my own patterns and to practice crocheting. That mean’s there will be a lot of fellow crocheter’s patterns getting spotlights on the blog for a while. Hopefully, I will also be able to include a few tutorial/helpful information posts.

4. Get a new job

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but currently I am working for my uncle at his computer repair shop. It’s a nice part-time job but I can’t stay there for longer. My student loans are going to start catching up to me by the end of this year and I need to do something about it. I need to be in a position where there is the possibility of getting promoted and getting a salary. I know that I will be opening up my Etsy shop but that is more of a side job especially when I am just starting to get my name out there (there probably won’t be too much income considering how much competition there is out there). I could be wrong and my Etsy shop could take over and become my whole life but I can’t count on having that much luck.

5. Make a Facebook Fan Page and maintain it.

I will get a Facebook Fan page for this blog. This is something I plan to do ASAP but maintaining it is the real challenge. I am not very good at using my own Facebook or the twitter account that I use for this blog (truthfully, I don’t like twitter very much). The fan page will be a whole other story. I plan on posting links to any blog posts I like and possibly stuff that inspires me (and hopefully will inspire all of you).

6. Stop hording yarn

I actually can’t fit any more yarn in my closet. I buy it whenever there is a good deal but I almost never have a plan on how I’m going to use it; therefore, I almost never do. I want to use the yarn in my stash (so that I have room for more =P). A bunch of it is yarn that people have given me but are not my preferred yarn choices, such as Red Heart yarn (it kinda feels gross when you work with it for a while) and Homespun yarn (it’s so hard to work with).

7. Open up on my blog more

I have tried to keep my personal life and my blog separate for the few first months and I think that its weakening my blog. Not because I live such an extremely amazing life but simply because of the way I have to cautiously tip-toe around certain subjects. For instance, I feel like some of my blogs may have made me look a bit flaky since I didn’t get them done and I didn’t say my excuse cause it was due to my life outside of crocheting. I will try to open up a little more to you guys and hopefully you guys can open up to me too.

8. Watch my spending

This probably could go under “Be more organized” but I wanted to make it a separate resolution because its important. Since I graduated in May, I have been living life like I am still a teenager. Going to Michael’s whenever I want, spending money here and there, etc. While I am a fairly frugal person, I do have my weaknesses (yarn being #1). Time to become an adult (eek!) and start keeping track of my spending. I am going to make a spreadsheet, keep my receipts organized (and not shoved into the bottom of my purse), and start figuring out a budget.

9. Go to my first craft fair

This is another big step for me and my crocheting goals. I love craft fairs! But I haven’t actually participated in any craft fairs. Many of my family members have. including my cousin who also crochets. After I open my Etsy shop, I plan on selling some goods at a craft fair and spreading the word about my shop. I will attend at least one craft fair probably toward the end of the year (just in time for Christmas and scarf season!).

10. Watch less TV

I watch entirely too much TV. My whole family does in my opinion but its the only thing we do together. But we do it every night. From about 6 PM til about 11 PM, we have show after show to watch. It’s really upsetting to know that we have become mindless TV drones but at least I try to crochet during this time to keep my mind working. TV destroys my efficiency though. I crochet faster and make fewer mistakes when I’m sitting in my room listening to music instead of half paying attention to my project while I watch TV. So this year I am cutting my TV watching a bit. I only want to watch a maximum of 4 hours of TV a day and at least one day a week I will spend my usual time watching TV in my room crocheting diligently. It doesn’t sound like much but this is going to be really difficult for me because I feel so obligated to spend time with my family.

I know this seems like a lot of stuff. Only a few are really big goals and will probably take most of the year to complete. The others are simple habit changes that I have tried to make specific enough that it will be achievable.

Thanks for reading!