My computer went to the doctors

Hi all!

I have learned quite a bit about computers since I started working at my uncle’s computer shop but nothing prepared me for what happened last Thursday.

I brought my computer in to run some virus scans and other routine maintenance while I was holding down the fort. After completing few scans, I had to restart my computer and a screen came up upon shut down saying that I needed a BIOS update for my computer. Basically that just means that the computer needed to update the code that makes all of its pieces work together. The BIOS finished updating and suddenly there was just a black screen. I thought maybe the computer was just finishing up the BIOS update so I left it alone.

Three hours later, the blank black screen was still idling sitting there. So I took a closer look. Maybe my computer shut down instead of restarting. Nope. The power light was on. So was the little light on my wifi button. I knew that this was not a good sign but I tried to remain optimistic. I powered down the computer, gave it a few minutes and powered it back on. Same blank black screen. So I tried another trick. Same blank black screen. Tried another and no new result. The blank black screen sat there mocking me.

I turned toward the only other option I knew, an internet search for the problem. So I keyed in my problem to Google and searched. My heart sank. The BIOS update had corrupted my computer so the screen wouldn’t work. There was nothing I could do except call the manufacturer and send my computer in to be fixed.

I was so angry that the company had allowed this to happen. All over their forums, there were people posting about this issue but they kept the update available for people to download. It was so wrong. A warning to you all, never update the BIOS without researching the update first or you might be without a computer for two weeks like me.

Anyways, my unfortunate computer’s illness is the reason for the lack of blogs. I really don’t like blogging on my phone, the method I am using now, and I don’t want to take up too much time on my parents computer since they need to use it too. I will try to blog when I can but there probably will not be very many over the next two weeks.

Thanks for reading!