New toy!!!

Hi all!

I hope you guy are all doing well and staying warm despite this polar vortex. I definitely underestimated or cold it really was and thought my fingers were going to freeze off. I ended up wearing my winter jacket all throughout work because the poor little heater we have in my uncle’s shop couldn’t keep up with the cold and kept blowing out cold air.

On top of the bitter weather, I think I might be getting sick. My mom was really sick after Christmas and I thought that I had thankfully managed to dodge that bullet. But, I was exhausted all day and I passed out on the couch after dinner. I had to wake up so I could write this post before I go to bed for the night, and now I am fighting through a massive headache and body ache.

Let’s hope that my body can just push through it because I have an interview on Thursday for Jo-Ann Fabrics! Working toward Resolution #4. Booyah! My mom is a little afraid that if I do end up getting the job that I will end up spending my entire paycheck there. While I hope that I have more self-control than that, she could be right; after all, my name is Colleen and I am a craft addict, with a particular propensity for buying yarn. But seriously, I think I can handle it.

Finally, the main topic of my post today…


My new yarn ball spinner! TADA!

It just came in yesterday and I was so excited I wound yarn from about 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM. It was on my Christmas list but I didn’t get it so I just had to buy myself a belated Christmas present using some of the gift cards I got. Let me tell you, I am so happy that I got it. I cannot stand when yarn skeins don’t have the option to pull from the center. This completely eliminates that problem! Also, it will be very useful for when I am trying to organize my room.DSCN0789

I bought this winder on Etsy from Stanwood Needlecraft for $43.99. It’s a large ball winder so it can handle up to 10 oz of yarn. I was considering buying the Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder made by Lacis, but I thought the one made by Stanwood Needlecraft looked more sturdy. Now that I have it, you can definitely tell that this yarn ball winder was built to last. Also according to reviews of the Lacis winder, it only will fit on tables that are 1.5″ thick but the Stanwood Needlecraft winder will fit on tables that are just over 2″ thick. My tables aren’t that thick so either one would have worked but why not go for the product that has the wider range of thickness just in case it does become an issue.

DSCN0790There is one semi-con to the Stanwood Needlecraft winder, the shipping cost. At first, I was a little upset with the $15.00 cost to ship the winder from California to New Jersey which brought the total to about $59.00, but I cannot believe how fast it got to my house. I bought it late Friday Night and by Monday, it was setup on a tray table winding its little heart out. Looking back on it, the $15.00 shipping cost really wasn’t a big problem for me and I would buy this product again in a heartbeat, but I know that my family was turned off by the shipping price.

Well, I should go rest up for the night so that I can fight off this cold and be in tip-top shape for Thursday.

Thanks for reading!