Becoming Nocturnal & Organized

Hi all!

Sorry this blog is a little late but I was spending some time with my boyfriend and didn’t get to write this until he went to play some more video games before bed. Yes I realize that it’s about 2:30 in the morning as I am writing this and no I am not in bed yet. My boyfriend is making me nocturnal. Which in a way is really great for my blog and getting other things done in my life but it’s not so great for my job cause I’m always zombified when I first go in.

I really need to stop staying up quite so late, especially now that I will be working two jobs! That’s right, I got the job at JoAnn’s. Granted it is only a “seasonal” position to set up a new store nearby for its opening in March. The interviewer that I talked to said that they will be hiring some of the seasonal workers for part-time positions and you can bet that I am gonna be gunning for that position. Unfortunately, my blog may suffer a little once my job at JoAnn’s starts (in February) because I will have to get used to working 2 part-time jobs but I am going to try to adapt quickly and get my blog back to normal.

I don’t have a lot to report besides the new job for this week. I have been taking a break from crocheting and have been trying to get my room organized which is really a lot harder than you would think. I was first trying to organize my room using stuff found from dollar stores like a lot of blogs focus on however this proved to be way more difficult than they made it seem. Either they have amazing dollar stores near them, or I am just not that good at seeing the potential uses of a dollar store item. I decided to go with the easier, more traditional method of organizing my room; in other words, my organization project is going to cost quite a bit more than I originally wanted it to. I bought a few cheap items from various dollar stores on my initial excursion (granted not one of them were $1 items). Then, I decided to use Target and Amazon to do most of my shopping. You would think that stores like Target would be a lot more reliable with their merchandize but now I’m not so sure. You see, I found this great 6 cube wire organizer from Target that would be perfect for holding my yarn and it was on sale to boot. So I ordered it, picked it up from the store, brought it home to assemble, and realized that it was not the correct organizer despite the box it was enclosed in. Someone must have returned the item and put the 4 cube wire organizer in the box instead of the 6 cube. UGH! I just feel like organizing my room should not be this difficult! I should be able to go out, find what I need, and finish my project. But I’m going to try and be optimistic and hopefully finish my organizing by next week. If you have any tips for organizing, please feel free to share.

Now I must be off to bed.

Thanks for reading!


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