Just in time for Thanksgiving

Hi all!

I have been trying to get a free pattern completed for a cool Thanksgiving project and its been quite exhausting.

My first idea was to try to make a rustic candle holder for an electric tea light (I’m not trying to start a fire) that would be great for decorating the Thanksgiving table but I just couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it to. The candle holder was going to be made of hemp because it had that rustic look while being stiffer and therefore sturdy enough to prevent it from slouching. The shape was supposed to be a simple open sphere but no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to look spherical.

The first attempt sort of worked. I used all-natural hemp from Michaels which I didn’t like. It was very uneven in thickness and rough and the final product just looked awful.

Thanksgiving fail

The second attempt was another failure. I used some hemp that I dug out of my closet. It was thinner and more even in thickness so I thought I might end up with a more even product. However, as I started to work with the hemp, I couldn’t get a spherical shape. I think this was mostly caused by the hemp’s softness and flexibility. While these qualities made it much nicer to work with, it wouldn’t hold a nice round bottom unless it was small (too small to hold the tea light).

Thanksgiving fail_2

So I decided I would come back to the idea in the future and moved on.

Instead, I present to you an Autumn Leaf Headband!


??????????Autumn Leaves Headband_side

This headband was extremely easy to make; it’s just a couple of crocheted leaves made from worsted yarn sewn on to a double crocheted band. I think that it would be really cute for a little girl to wear unfortunately I don’t have any little girl cousins or children of my own so I just made it for myself but it is extremely easy to modify.

Here’s the pattern (I hope to update this with a diagram since its hard to explain how to make the leaf without it):
For the leaf:

Ch. 7

From this point you are going to work the back of the chain, go around at the end, and work on the other side (like a big elongated circle).

Sc in the back of the second chain from the hook.

Sc in the back of the next chain.

Hdc in the back of the next chain.

Dc in the back of the next chain.

Trc in the back of the next chain.

Dc in the back of the last chain, ch 1, dc in the same space.

Dc in the opposite side of the chain you are working with (front side), ch 1, dc in the same space.

Trc in the front of the next chain.

Dc in the front of the next chain.

Hdc in the front of the next chain.

Sc in the front of the next chain.

Sc in the front of the last chain.

Sl st in the first sc and tie off.

For the band (The band it just long enough to hold the leaves, it does not go all the way around):

Ch 6.

Dc in the 3rd chain from hook. Dc in the next 2 ch spaces.

Turn. Ch 3 (counts as first Dc). Dc in the next 3 dc spaces.

Continue until it reaches the desired length. Don’t tie off yet! (For my band I made 17 rows of 4 Dc stitches)

Once the band is at the desired length, chain to make a thin strand of desired length and sl st into the opposite end of the band on the left side. This step turns the band into a circle (at least on one side of the band). Tie off.

Do the same thing for the opposite side of the band (right). Tie Off.

Sew on the leaves letting them overlap a bit. I didn’t sew down the entire leaf because I liked the 3D look that you get with the tip of the leaf.

I hope you all enjoy this,

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Sorry this is a day late. I am not going to make a habit out of this I promise, the holidays are just making me very busy.


4 thoughts on “Just in time for Thanksgiving

  1. Hey for a spherical shape, did you try the pattern for a ball? Your base looks pretty flat.. maybe you could try the pattern of a ball with the thin hemp.. stuff it with something at the bottom.. then place your tea light. . It may give a fuller shape..

    Nice leaf head band, by the way!

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