The Adventures of Dyeing: Part 1 of 3

Hi All!

Since starting my nylon backpack, nylon twine (mason twine) has become one of my favorite things to crochet with. It’s quite soft but more durable and sturdy than yarn is; however, I have been really disappointed with my color options. They are just too fluorescent. Generally, nylon twine can be found in fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, dark orange, white, and my personal favorite fluorescent pink. But all I want is some blue to work with! So, I decided to embark on a nylon dyeing adventure.

I did some research and I found a turquoise acid dye made by Jacquard acid dyes. The Jacquard acid dyes are supposed to work on a variety of products including nylon. Perfect! Right? I was so excited. I gathered my materials and got to work.

So I wet my nylon…

White Nylon

Filled my pot and got it to a nice hot temperature…


and added my dye, vinegar, and nylon….

Dyeing - Time 0

And after 15 minutes it looked great…

Dyeing - Time 15 min

And by the end of 30 minutes, I couldn’t wait to make sure the dye held. But I restrained myself and waited for the water to cool a bit and then dumped it down the drain. Leaving me with beautiful blue nylon….

Blue Nylon

at least until I washed it…

White - After wash

Pure white again! After all my excitement, it didn’t work. I was pretty devastated. I had such grand ideas for my new colors and they all went down the drain (along with the blue dye). But I refuse to give up. I’m going to try a different dye, RIT all-purpose dye, and follow a YouTube video I found (here’s the link) and hopefully this time it will work. I also found another dye made by Jacquard’s called iDye Poly, which I am also going to try.

Have you ever used these dyes? Do you have any recommendations for dying nylon?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I know I still haven’t posted the final project for my nylon backpack, but I ran into a few design issues that I still need to navigate through.


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