Nylon Backpack

Hi All!

My biggest project for the past few weeks has been this crocheted nylon backpack. I was inspired by those adorable canvas and soft leather backpacks that you see in just about every teen/young adult store nowadays. I really wanted one but I wanted something original so I decided to make my own. Here’s what it looks like so far.

DSCN0590Sorry about the poor quality of the picture I had to take it after work and it was already so dark outside.

The two major challenges that first came to my mind when designing a crocheted backpack were structure and durability. Since this is a backpack, I wanted it to be able to carry a good amount of weight without breaking and without stretching out too much. Yarn just didn’t give me confidence that the backpack would have that stability I wanted. I was stumped for a while but then I remembered that in one of my favorite crochet books, Stitch N Bitch, there was a purse pattern that used twisted nylon (mason twine) from the hardware store.

Since the nylon only comes in fluorescent pink, yellow, green, and white. I decided to go with pink and use black Darius plastic canvas cord to offset the pink a bit. The bag is almost done, I just have to make the straps, attach the magnetic snaps to the pocket and top, sew the sides of the pocket, and line the bag (which I’d rather not do since I’m not the best at sewing but I think its necessary). I hope to have it done by next week but we shall see.

Have you ever used unusual materials to crochet with? Did the project turn out as you imagined it would?

Thanks for reading!


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